Go Live Creative

heyi, there —

Brand design studio that specializes in timeless and thoughtful designs for small business owners. It's time to grow your business in style and make your brand stand out.  Let’s work together.


Whether you are looking for a complete branding or if you would like to start with a logo design, you will get the experience you need for a unique, creative, and professional process.





Branding is my passion. I want to give you clarity when it comes to your brand identity, message and first impression. I want your brand to attract the right people to grow your business. I'll help you get set up with a new logo, icon, color story, typographic recommendations, graphic elements, patterns and more.


Marketing collateral is my jam, whether digital or print. I want your customer experience to be unique at every turn. From stationary and brochure design to packaging and social media design that people will talk about, let's ensure that you are taking their breath away at every turn. 


Developing grids, typographic details and image composition is the kind of stuff I get super nerdy about. My goal is to design publications that make your content and message shine and that resonate with their readers, are informative, provide inspiration and emotions, engage them.




The first step to creating a beautiful brand is getting to know you and your vision! This begins with a conversation discussing your message and values and that will be helpful in creating your brand. This includes filling out a questionnaire that will help you focus on your business and all the relevant information I might need.  Together we'll look at inspiration, find your target audience and determine your style.


This is where we get real creative. I take all of the ideas and the tone, mood and color of the moodboard and turn it into your new visual identity, creating something beautiful, unique and strategic. I will provide you with 2 - 3 beautiful and unique designs to choose from, along with color combinations and fonts. I'll design your patterns, textures, business cards and any other branding materials we agreed on beforehand. 


Finally, you will then receive a full brand style guide as well as all your final logo files (for print and web) that gives you all the necessary information and tools to help you maintain a consistent brand presence well beyond your project. And finally - celebrate!! get the Champagne because you are ready to go and tell your story with your beautiful brand!