6 Things to Do When You Start Feeling Under the Weather

The inevitable happens! You’ve been hit with the plague cold and feel miserable. You feel like 💩 lately, no energy, tired mentally and physically. It happens, we’re humans. Some people take medicine or others try try to avoid medicine, and look for other alternatives. Here are some great ideas on how to manage that icky cold of yours and try and get through the day.

Take a Break - Avoid Social Media

This should be the most obvious one, but can be hard to do for some. Social media at times while can be inspirational, entertaining, and just a great time-kill can have an impact on your energy. We all can get exhausted of social media at times, especially when you are an avid poster. But when feeling under the weather or just in general it is always good to just TAKE A BREAK. Deactivate your Facebook or Instagram for a while and pretend like it doesn’t exist. Allow your body to rest. It may feel weird at first, but it will also feel great. It can be therapeutic taking a break. Even if you can stay away from being online period for just a few hours, and live the fake “no internet” life, it may help.

Drink Up - Tea that is!

As Alice in Wonderland Once said “It’s always tea time”. I cannot stress this enough. Although I am not a big fan of tea personally, it does have it health benefits and is a great alternative to coffee. I do suggest avoiding tea that has caffeine in it and drink some decaf tea. Tea’s can offer as a great pick-you-up and help you fight off symptoms of nausea and boost your immune system. Tea offers to help calm you down so you can have that zen moment and help with insomnia if you need to get some rest. This can help with your body when you are feeling stressed, tense, or just overall ugh.

However if you just can’t stand tea and are looking for other alternatives a few comfort drinks could be:

  • Warm Water + Honey — Would you like it with lemon or no lemon? Growing up my mom’s go to is brewing up a cup of warm water at room temperature, and adding in a few tablespoons of honey, depending on your taste buds. Sounds so simple right? But it’s so effective. The honey and warmth of the drink can help soothe sore throat. I would suggest if you do use honey use natural raw honey, instead of other types.

  • Matcha Green Tea - Matcha is so good! There are so many of health benefits and it’s becoming so popular that even Starbucks has a latte drink! So hop aboard the matcha train! I do recommend the Ritual Matcha powder. P.S. Peppermint Tea is also delicious!

  • Warm Milk — Now if you aren’t a fan of milk like me, then feel free to skip over. However a cup of warm steamy milk does have it’s benefits and will have you sleeping like a baby! Helping to ease you if you are having trouble falling asleep.

  • Hot Chocolate — I mean because who doesn’t love a delicious mug of hot chocolate. Some of the best go-to cocoa powders I recommend are Cadbury Drinking Chocolate, Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa Mix, Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix, Ghiradelli Premium Hot Cocoa, or GODIVA Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa.

Relax in a Warm Bath or Shower

This is superrrrrrr obvious, but I really appreciate the effects of a nice warm shower or soothing bath. Giving yourself a pamper treatment like doing a quick face mask and adding some Bath & Body Works to your bath can do wonders! You’ll not only feel more relaxed, while enjoying a quiet bubble bath, but rid off that icky sick feeling. Bath bombs are also great to add to your bath too! You’ll feel alot better!

Give Yourself Some “Me” Time

Some of the ways to help relax while being in bed are:

  • Watch a Tv Show or Movie — What better way to kill time while having to lay in bed and rest then binge watching on your favorite Netflix show or discovering a new one? Not series person? Then rewatch some movies you like or discover new ones. I find that comedy films help lift your mood and laughter gives you that pick-me-up that you may need.

  • Turn on the tunes — Listen to some relaxing music while laying down in bed, whether your favorite music streaming services is Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music or other’s this is a good way to just space out and think, or help to fall asleep. I recommend Spotify as a great place to listen to music, not only is the music selection awesome, and there are so many great play lists out there but it’s easy to discover new artists if you are feeling adventurous or just listen to your favorite ones

  • Reading — This one is pretty self-explanatory, but reading does help to take your mind elsewhere and escape the realities of what we call life. If you aren’t up for reading a book, a good way to do some easy reading is browsing blogs and scrolling through people’s blogroll pages or go on directories like Bloglovin’ a discover new bloggers!

Catch Some Z’s

Another obvious one but it is so beneficial. Me personally I can sleep for hours. No only do I feel re-energized when I wake up, but it really helps ease my mind and reduces my stress. So relax in your comfy place and turn yourself into a human burrito under you favorite cozy blanket and sleep! And if you don’t want to lay in bed all day opening a window for some fresh air or stepping outside to take a walk is great as well!

There are plenty of other things that you can do when you are trying to be the sickness blues, but these are what I find most helpful. The main thing is to find something relaxing and that can help you feel a little better.

What do you do when you are sick? What are your go to remedies, activities, or drinks/foods?